An extra pair of hands to keep those birds away. Simply push a button and watch the birdi go. 

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You really shouldn't need to share your food.

We've seen the culprits and they look the least bit guilty. Thats why we created Birdigo - your extra pair of hands to shoo the birds, keeping your breakfast  safe when you step away. After all, we do love our birds, but maybe just a little less than our food. 

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How does it work?

tap the top of the device to activate it

when there's a need to leave your table unattended.

push your plates and cups under its safe "wing".

Its self-deploying arm is set in a spinning motion that cleverly deters birds from your meal. 

tap again to deactivate

when you return to your table.


Brilliant, simple, absolutely sastifying to watch. 


I can't believe how long it took for someone to invent this! Humans 1 - birds 0.

Elsa Lillford

My croissant can live to feed me another day.

Steve Mcqueen